Sunday 7 September 2014

Mouse In The City of Angels

Mouse has been on a rather exotic adventure recently and could wait to get back and share his story with everyone.  It has been a while since Mouse left the country so he decided to go further than he has ever traveled before.  As you may have guessed from the title, he chose Los Angeles in California, USA.

It was a long flight but Mouse was very well looked after and arrived at LAX airport safe and well and so excited to be in America.  He collected his hire car and was very glad that he had chosen the white convertible sports car as he thought this would make him fit in quite well with the Californians.

Mouse had always wanted to go to Beverley Hills so he decided that would be his first stop.


 And of course, when in Beverley Hills the only place to shop is Rodeo Drive so Mouse wanted to have a look to see if anyone famous was shopping.

 Unfortunately Mouse didn't see anyone famous so he decided to head for his hotel and get some much needed rest so that he would be ready for a big day tomorrow.

After a good night's sleep and a breakfast of Pancakes and Maple Syrup, Mouse headed out for an exciting day exploring Hollywood.  First stop was the iconic Hollywood sign.

 The sign was just as impressive as Mouse had hoped but he could not stay long as he had so much planned for the day.  Next up was a visit to Hollywood Boulevard to see the Walk of Fame.

 It was amazing to see so many names on the pavement that Mouse recognized, but he was looking for one very special star in particular.  After walking almost the entire length of the Walk of Fame, finally Mouse found the one he was looking for.

 Mouse was getting tired after so much walking but he still had time to seek out the Chinese Theater where many of the Hollywood Movie Premieres are screened and also where some very famous people have left their hand and foot prints outside.

There were so many to see but Mouse particularly liked seeing some of the older Hollywood legends.

Mouse was now exhausted and hungry so he needed to look for somewhere to eat.  He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the sign for a place called The Cheesecake Factory.  Now a place that has Mouse's two favourite words in it, Cheese and Cake, had to be a good thing.

Mouse was certainly not disappointed as there were 37 different kinds of cheesecake to choose from.  Mouse opted for Lemon Meringue and was blown away by how good it was.

Tired and full, Mouse headed off for a good sleep ready for another big day.

Having seen all the movie star names the previous day, Mouse thought it would be a good idea to go to Universal Studios Hollywood to see where films and TV programmes are made.

It was a great day out and Mouse got to see the sets where some very famous films were made on the Studio Back Lot Tour.  There were even some scary bits along the way too

He had a fantastic time but couldn't believe how quickly the time was passing and he was keen to see as much as possible while in LA so there was just time for one more picture before heading back to his hotel for some sleep.

The next day Mouse headed off to Long Beach as he had always wanted to see RMS Queen Mary, a retired Ocean Liner that was built in the 1930's and used to transport passengers between Europe and America. 

The ship was huge and Mouse imagined how impressive it must have looked when it was launched.

Also on Mouse's agenda for the day was a visit to the Griffith Observatory as the view over LA from there is a magnificent site.

The view really was spectacular.

The following day Mouse wanted to learn all about a sport that he had seen on TV in his hotel called Baseball.  The local team is the LA Dodgers so Mouse headed off to Dodger Stadium.

The stadium was huge and Mouse got to see all around it.  He even went down to the players dug out where he had a nice surprise at just how welcome he was made to feel.

After the tour Mouse was very excited to get to the Dodger Shop to pick up some souvenirs.

Unfortunately Mouse's time in LA had come to an end and he had to be up early the next day for the long flight back home.

Mouse hopes you enjoyed this adventure and he will be back soon for another one.  Why not sign up HERE to the Where The Heck Is Mouse? newsletter so that every adventure is delivered direct to your inbox.


  1. Wow, Mouse! My home town!! :) (and team - GO DODGERS!! :D) I grew up in Pasadena.... amazing! Hope you didn't melt, though. It's a hot time of year.


    1. We all had a great time Katy. A wonderful place. It was hot but then you don't notice so much when you are on vacation. We went to Old Pasadena one afternoon/evening too, (Mouse stayed in the Hotel though as he was exhausted :-) )

  2. Hey Steve, I so love your mouse stories. Such great story telling