Sunday 24 February 2013

Time to Book a Holiday

It is snowing again at the moment where Mouse lives so it has made him think about booking a holiday for something to look forward to.  So it was off to the Travel Agent to get some brochures.  No decision has been made yet but the sight of all the wonderful pictures in the brochures made Mouse remember the fun time he had in Gran Canaria last year and he thought he would take a look through the photo album.

 Here is mouse in front of the bungalow he stayed in.

 The first thing to do when you are on the pool !

 Mouse didn't want to spend the whole holiday by the pool and loves to explore so a drive in the mountains was just what he needed.  Fresh air, great views and away from the hustle and bustle for a while.

There is always time to relax and take in the scenery for a while.

The Aloe plants in the mountains were huge.

The trusty little car served mouse well on all those really steep roads.

It was fun being in the mountains for the day but no holiday would be complete without a trip to the beach.

Mouse wasted no time putting his bucket and spade to use and didn't mind the sand getting in his whiskers at all.

Aaaah, this is the life!

 Mouse never wants to waste his whole holiday just laying in the sun so it was time for some more exploring the next day.  It was off to Puerto de Mogan, a lovely old fishing town with lots of boats to look at.

Safety first!  Mouse likes to know where the life saving gear is located when he is near to water.

 There was even a submarine that mouse went in to see what was under the sea.

After the submarine has showed Mouse what lives under the sea, he was keen to go for a trip on a normal boat.  It was fantastic being out in the fresh ocean air and Mouse was amazed when some friendly dolphins came to say hello.

Mouse did put on a few pounds while he was away, but surely it wasn't from all the ice cream !

Or Tiramisu?

Or Triple Chocolate Cheesecake !!!!
  Hopefully Mouse will have just as much fun on holiday this year and he will be keen to share his holiday snaps again for sure.