Thursday 27 December 2012

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Mouse just had a fantastic trip to Lapland to really get into the Christmas spirit.

After a very early start to the day to get to the airport on time, Mouse arrived at Rovaniemi airport in Lapland, Finland.  A short bus trip from "The Official Airport of Santa Claus" to his accomodation and he was able to put on his hat and scarf and enjoy the snow.
It was -19 Degrees C so it was extremely cold but mouse went for a look around and found out where he could have a Reindeer Ride.
While he was out and about Mouse met a young lady and it was the start of a holiday romance.  He invited Daisy Mouse into his log cabin for a cup of hot chocolate and to warm up by the fire.  It wasn't long before the misletoe made an appearance.
The next day after playing out side together in the cold, the pair had a romantic afternoon toasting marshmallows on the fire.
Mouse knows that it is important not to let a girl get in the way of friendship so he made sure to spend time with his best buddy Peanut Rabbit.  Here they are in their Christmas jumpers.
Mouse had been having so much fun with Daisy and Peanut that he almost forgot to get in some sleigh driving practice just in case Santa needed some help.  He started off on the frozen lake because sleigh riding is much easier on a flat surface.
But he soon got the hang of it a progressed onto more uneven ground.
It had been a lovely holiday but unfortunately it was soon time for Mouse to travel back home to England so that he was back in time for Christmas Day.  But he made sure that Santa knew he was ready to help if he was needed.  Mouse had some trouble getting all his things back into his case.
But he soon found out that all those marshmallows he had eaten came in useful.

Thanks for reading.  Mouse will be back with more adventures soon.