Sunday 27 April 2014

Mouse Goes to Cadbury World

Mouse had such a busy time at Easter this year that he didn't have time to record any adventures so thought he would get his act together and leave the house.  However, chocolate was still very much on his mind so he decided to try and find out a bit more about this wonderful foodstuff that mice just adore.

So Mouse bought himself a ticket to Cadbury World, the famous chocolate factory in Birmingham.

As soon as he got out of the car Mouse was drawn by the smell of chocolate everywhere and he couldn't wait to get inside and find out all about it.  Of course, he was rather hoping for some free samples too !

The first thing that Mouse learned was that chocolate was discovered by the Aztecs who used to drink it.
Mouse did not know that chocolate used to be such a luxury item when it was first brought to England, in fact it was only available to very rich aristocrats who drank it in exclusive clubs.
After the history lesson, Mouse really wanted to learn how the chocolate he knows and loves today is made.  He really enjoyed seeing the people at work making delicious goodies.  The people who make the chocolate are called Chocolatiers.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "As much use as a chocolate teapot"? Well Mouse has and he certainly knows a very good use to put these to!
Mouse could have watched for a long time but he knew that there was more to see so he kept on going.  Imagine how thrilled he was when he had the chance to meet the sexiest rabbit in the world.  The gorgeous Caramel Bunny that has featured on so many TV adverts.  Mouse's best friend Peanut would be really disappointed that he didn't get to meet her.

Mouse will have to keep this picture away from his girlfriend Daisy or he will be in big trouble!
 Any good trip to a factory is finished off with a visit to the shop.  This shop happend to be the biggest Cadbury shop in the world!  There was so much to choose from, lots of the latest flavours and designs but Mouse just can't help sticking to the original and best Dairy Milk.
During his trip Mouse learned a lot about the Cadbury family and how many good things they had done for the people that they employed.

The factory was built in a rural setting to be outside of the busy and dirty city and the Cadbury family built an entire village to house their workers.  The village was called Bournville.
It is a very picturesque place and Mouse imagined that the people must have felt very privileged to have worked and lived in such a beautiful place.
Mouse thoroughly enjoyed his day out but unfortunately it was time to go home (it was going to take him a while to drag his huge haul of chocolate goodies back!).  He was very glad that he went to find out about this wonderful food and he will recommend to his friends that they should pay a visit.

If you would like to visit have a look here‎

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