Saturday 9 November 2013

Monsieur Le Mouse

Welcome to the latest adventure from Mouse.  He wanted to get in a quick weekend away before the winter weather sets in and opted for Paris, France.

Mouse got up really early to get to the Eurotunnel port in time for his 9.20am train.  Mouse had never been on a train that carried cars before, never mind one that went under the ocean so he was very excited.

Booking in was very efficient and Mouse was soon on the train.  It was a very strange experience seeing cars and buses getting on a train but he took it all in his stride and enjoyed the 40 minutes journey under the English Channel and re-surfacing in Calais, France.

From Calais it was only a 2 hour 30 minute drive to Paris so Mouse was hopeful he would get there in the light to start his sight seeing straight away.  The journey was very good indeed and Mouse arrived at the hotel at 2.30pm, dropped his things and went off to see what he could see.

First stop was one of the world's most famous landmarks, The Eiffel Tower.

Mouse was hoping that he would be able to go to the top of the tower, but alas, the queue was almost as big as the tower itself and he just didn't have time to waste queuing.  Mouse was also really hungry though so decided to grab a quick snack to keep him going.

Mouse knew that France is well known for producing very fine cheeses so he was excited at what he might find.  To his absolute delight he discovered something called a Croque Monsieur which is a cheese and ham sandwich, toasted, with more cheese melted on top.  Mouse Heaven.

While he was enjoying his food, Mouse was entertained by a lovely man playing wonderful Parisian Accordion music.  Mouse introduced himself in his best French and asked the man if he could try playing the accordion himself.  Unfortunately it was far too big and heavy for Mouse but the man kindly let him be his helper for a while.

Mouse was exhausted after his long journey and all this fun so he headed back to his hotel for a good nights sleep.

The next morning, a well rested Mouse couldn't wait to get going but before heading out he just had to try a real French croissant for breakfast.  It was truly the best croissant Mouse had ever eaten.

With a full stomach Mouse headed out for a day of sightseeing.

First stop on his list was a place that he heard about where romantic couples attach a padlock to a bridge and throw away the key to signify their unbreakable love.  Although Mouse wasn't able to bring his girlfriend Daisy to Paris, he did prepare a padlock before he left home.

Mouse had never seen so many padlocks in one place and struggled to find some space.

He just managed to squeeze his padlock in though and he knew that Daisy would be pleased.

Next on Mouse's list of places to visit was the Cathedral of Notre Dame.  He had read about the story of Quasimodo and was eager to see the place from the legend.

Another place that Mouse was eager to visit was an area called Montmatre.  This is an area famous for it's artists and some very well known people have lived there in the past such as, Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh and Dali.  There is still a strong tradition of artists lining the streets to earn money by creating portraits of tourists.  

Being a keen artist himself, Mouse was keen to try his luck at earning some extra cash.

Unfortunately Mouse was so much smaller than the other artists that people didn't seem to notice him.  He tried to get a better vantage point but in the end had to give up without selling his picture.

A little bit disappointed, Mouse headed back to the hotel for some rest as he had big plans the following day and would need lots of energy.  Mouse went to sleep dreaming about being an artist's apprentice in Paris.

Morning soon arrived and Mouse was eager to get going as he was hoping to meet the world's most famous Mouse, in Disneyland.

Mouse couldn't believe how big the castle was and had a great day at Disneyland.  He even got to meet his hero, Mickey Mouse.

Unfortunately the day soon passed as he had been having so much fun and in fact it was the end of Mouse's time in Paris.  He just had enough time to stop at a supermarket and get some picnic food for his journey home, French style of course.

The journey went quite quickly and Mouse was soon back at home.  He just had time for a quick snack before bed........

.......and he fell asleep, dreaming of giant cheese!

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