Tuesday 24 December 2013

Merry Christmouse

Mouse likes to get into the Christmas spirit as much as anyone and so has spent this Christmas Eve the same as every year.......

First he puts on his Christmas jumper and decorates the tree, followed by the rest of his house.

Then he listens to Christmas songs whilst enjoying a nice glass of mulled wine in his favourite chair.

And finally he sits in front of the fire and reads the best Christmas story ever, The Night Before Christmas. 

This a very special version of the story though:-

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring…except for the mouse.
While the family was sleeping he regarded with glee
The brightly wrapped presents piled under the tree.
He supposed that he shouldn’t, but knew that he would…
Said, “Santa, I’m sorry. It’s too hard to be good.”
He ripped off the paper, he gnawed through a box,
He drank all the perfume; he ate all the socks.
He lapped up the liquors, he boozed up the beer
Then lay there contented and filled with good cheer.

He chewed through some wires and BANG! went the lights.
“My God,” said the mouse, “that gave me a fright.”
He scampered and hid in a hole in the sill
But nobody moved – the family slept still.
So he crept out and sipped at the wine and the sherry.
He tasted the Port and it made him feel merry.
Two glasses later and feeling quite lairy,
He climbed up the tree and toppled the fairy.
He leaped for a bauble, but teetered and missed.
“Oops!” said the mouse. “I think I’m a bit........ drunk.”
Covered in glitter he fell to the ground,
And stared in horror at the mess all around.
Tinsel and ribbons were strewn on the floor,
Mulled wine and whisky were splashed up the door,
The wrappings were shredded, the baubles were cracked,
The lights were still smoking, the ceiling was black.
Eyes wide he wondered, “Did I do all that?”
Then shrugged… “It’s no problem. They’ll just blame the cat.”