Wednesday 10 April 2013

Off Road Mouse!
Mouse has been in a happy mood for the last few days because the warmer spring weather has arrived.  After a whole winter of being couped up inside or being cold, he couldn't wait to get out into the countryside to let off some steam.

How better to blow the cobwebs away than with a bit of off road quad biking.

After a quick call to Daisy Mouse to arrange to meet her later, Mouse got his stuff together and hit the dirt.

He started with some steps.

That was great fun and very bumpy.  He then headed for the mole hills.

Having done a lot of jumping he went really fast on the dirt track.

His quad bike was getting dirty so the obvious thing to do was splash in the water.

Mouse had been having so much fun that he hadn't realised what the time was and suddenly thought he was going to be late to meet Daisy Mouse so he had to zoom across the fields to get there on time.

He got there right on time and Daisy seemed very impressed with Mouse's shiny quad bike.  She was eager to climb aboard and go for a ride.

Mouse took Daisy for a trip right around the lake.

Then on their way back to the big field, they bumped into Mouse's friend Peanut Rabbit.  Now Mouse is a bit like any other red blooded male and when faced with the situation of having his best mate, his girlfriend and his quad bike all together he couldn't resist the opportunity of trying to impress them with his riding skills.

First he went for no hands!
Daisy Mouse couldn't watch and was convinced that it would all end in tears.  Peanut Rabbit however cheered Mouse on to greater things.

Next came no feet !
Daisy Mouse was even more worried and pleaded with Mouse to stop being silly before he hurt himself.  Peanut Rabbit just cheered for more.

Next came, laying down backwards!  Daisy just couldn't stand it any more.
Of course, the inevitable happended and Daisy was quick jump to Mouse's aid.

So with a broken arm, and a bruised ego, Mouse is being nursed back to health by his best friend and his girlfriend.  Needless to say, it will be a while before Mouse is out on his quad bike again.  But not too long before he is back for another adventure.