Sunday 15 June 2014

The Home of Cheese

Mouse has been busy again and has been to a place that is very special to all Mousekind.  Cheddar Gorge, where the original Cheddar Cheese came from.

It was quite a long journey but Mouse didn't mind because he was so excited about finally seeing where his favorite cheese is made.

He headed straight for the visitor centre to find out a little more about how Cheddar is made.
It was amazing, right there behind the glass, they were making the most wonderful looking cheese Mouse had ever seen.  In fact it was the most cheese Mouse had ever seen.
Mouse learned so many facts about how Cheddar is made.
He lost track of time staring through the glass and was only brought back to reality when somebody gave him a tissue to wipe his dribble from the window.  So he thought he had better continue around the visitor centre to see what else he could find.
There was a museum with all kinds of Cheese related artifacts.
There was the cheese store where Mouse saw and more importantly smelled an amazing sight.  A vast amount of Cheddar all maturing nicely, but begging to be eaten.
A really nice man saw how keen Mouse was on the Cheese store and decided to make his day.  He made mouse promise not to sink his teeth into any of the cheese, and also made him wash his feet really well, and then he took him into the cheese store.
Mouse thought he must be in heaven and wished he could move in and live in that room.  Of course that isn't allowed, but the nice man promised Mouse he could try as much cheese as he wanted in the shop.
Mouse thanked the man and made his way to the shop.  He wasn't disappointed and tried so many different types of cheddar he lost count.
Eventually Mouse decided on his favorite and made a purchase, along with a very interesting book.
Alas, Mouse's day out had come to an end and it was time to go back home.  He had spent a lovely day out and felt like a much more sophisticated Mouse now that he knew so much about his favorite food.

Once he arrived back home he couldn't wait to unwrap his purchases.
And there was even time for a light snack before bedtime.  What do you think he had?????

Mouse will recommend a visit to Cheddar Gorge to all his friends but if you would like to visit, have a look here

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