Sunday, 2 June 2013

Cornwall Part 1

It was half term holidays from school last week so Mouse decided to make the most of his free time and head for Cornwall in the UK for a well earned rest.

Every visitor to Cornwall has to go to Lands End and Mouse is no exception.

It was very windy as you would expect from a place at the corner of the country but Mouse was brave enough to risk standing on the edge of the cliff for a picture with the famous signpost.  Although he was too busy looking at how far his home is to smile for the camera.

He also found another suitable spot to pose in a less risky position.

While he was at Lands End, Mouse saw a brave person arrive on a bicycle who had ridden all the way from John O Groats in Scotland.  The famous Lands End to John O Groats journey.  This inspired Mouse and he vowed one day that he and his best mate Peanut Rabbit would complete this adventure and earn their place in The Club.

The next place on Mouse's list to visit is the Mouse equivalent of Mecca.................Mousehole of course.

Mouse was in his element amongst so many Mousey things.

Even the boats had awesome names.

It is a tradition in the UK that whenever you visit the seaside, you just have to have fish and chips by the sea so Mouse thought that there would be no better place than Mousehole.

Mouse carried on exploring to walk off his lunch and stopped for a rest in a handy place.  For some reason, while he was resting he had a sudden urge to try a Cornish Cream Tea.

Two warm fruit scones, strawberry jam and a huge dollop of the finest Cornish Clotted Cream.  Mouse couldn't wait to dive in.

Eating the scones without getting in a mess was a bit tricky.

Mouse really enjoyed his trip to Lands End and Mousehole but had been so busy that he was shattered and needed a sleep.  He went back to his hotel for a rest and to plan what he could get up to next.

Part 2 of Mouse's trip to Cornwall is coming soon.

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