Thursday, 6 June 2013

Cornwall Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of Mouse's adventure in Cornwall.

The next place on Mouse's list to visit was St Michaels Mount.  This is a very special place that is an island during high tide but at low tide it can be reached via a causeway.

And there is a castle on top of it too!

It was a great walk over to the island but Mouse was relieved to see an amphibious vehicle just in case the tide came in quicker than expected.  Mice really aren't good swimmers you see.

After spending a while on the island, Mouse was feeling peckish.  There is nothing better than an authentic Cornish Pasty to keep hunger in check.

After the Cornish Pasty, Mouse was very thirsty and whilst he was immersing himself in the local culture he thought it would be best to visit a Cyder Farm to quench his thirst.

Mouse had a great time wandering through the orchards and seeing how the traditional Cyder is made.  Luckily he bumped into his best mate Peanut Rabbit so they found a nice shady spot to enjoy some lovely Scrumpy Cyder.

Mouse and Peanut had a wonderful afternoon and it was soon time to retire for the evening.

Mouse awoke with a bit of a headache the next morning.  That Cyder sure has a kick to it!  So the best thing he could think to clear his head was to go for a surf in the fresh air at Newquay's famous Fistral Beach.

After the surfing, the last thing on Mouse's "To Do" list was a spot of crab fishing.

It didn't take long and he was pulling lots of crabs out one after another.

Crab's can be tricky to handle though as Mouse soon found out.

Mouse thoroughly enjoyed his time in Cornwall and is busy planning his next adventure.  Drop in again soon to find out what he is up to.

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