Saturday, 19 July 2014

Mouse Visitez Le Tour de France Grand Depart

Anyone out there who has an interest in cycling will not have failed to notice that the Tour de France started recently and luckily for Mouse, this year's Grand Depart consisted of three stages in the UK.

Mouse is a keen cyclist and so he did not want to miss this opportunity of seeing the world's greatest cycle race on home soil.  He therefore packed his suitcase and headed to Yorkshire for another adventure.

He headed out early to try and beat some of the crowds but it seemed that everyone else had the same idea.  The car park was already filling up.

It was quite a long walk for a little Mouse but he eventually arrived at his first planned stop, the Festival of Cycling, which was taking place at the venue where the race would officially be started by some special guests.

There was a lot going on at the festival and plenty to keep Mouse busy until the race was due to start.

After a while Mouse was getting curious who the special guests were going to be but he didn't have to wait very long to find out.  The Royal Helicopter buzzed past overhead and a few moments later landed right near where Mouse was standing.  The special guests were none other than Their Royal Highness' Prince William, his beautiful wife Kate Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry too.

It was soon time for the race to start and the cycling teams started to arrive.  Unfortunately it was so busy with people that Mouse struggled to see the cyclists but all was not lost because he did have a wonderful view of the Royal Air Force Red Arrows who did a flypast to mark the start of the race.

After the race had left Mouse headed back to his hotel to plan the following day and try to make sure that he had a good view of the cyclists this time.

Mouse decided that Holmfirth would be a good place to see stage 2 of the race so he went to bed early so that he could leave in plenty of time a get a good viewing spot.

Mouse was up an out of his hotel super early and this time he made sure that he had one of the best viewing spots available.  There was even a wall so that he could see over the top of people.  Now all he had to do was wait the 8 hours until the race passed through.

Luckily there were some friendly people around who saved Mouse's place when he wanted to stretch his legs.  There was cycling related things everywhere, even a spotty bike.

It was well worth the wait when the race finally did arrive, Mouse has a great view and even managed to recognise his favourite rider Chris Froome.

It was all over in a flash and Mouse was sad that he had to start his long journey home.  Fortunately the traffic was not too bad and Mouse got back home in time to see the highlights of the day's race on TV.

He couldn't believe the amount of people that had turned out to see the race all over Yorkshire.  What a fantastic way to start the Tour de France on only it's fourth ever visit to the UK.

After the highlights, Mouse wanted to look at all of the nice things he had bought while he was away.  His biggest decision was whether to have a drink of his Stage Winner Ale or the special box of Yorkshire Tea.

He opted for a nice warm mug of tea and sat there admiring his goodies.

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Home of Cheese

Mouse has been busy again and has been to a place that is very special to all Mousekind.  Cheddar Gorge, where the original Cheddar Cheese came from.

It was quite a long journey but Mouse didn't mind because he was so excited about finally seeing where his favorite cheese is made.

He headed straight for the visitor centre to find out a little more about how Cheddar is made.
It was amazing, right there behind the glass, they were making the most wonderful looking cheese Mouse had ever seen.  In fact it was the most cheese Mouse had ever seen.
Mouse learned so many facts about how Cheddar is made.
He lost track of time staring through the glass and was only brought back to reality when somebody gave him a tissue to wipe his dribble from the window.  So he thought he had better continue around the visitor centre to see what else he could find.
There was a museum with all kinds of Cheese related artifacts.
There was the cheese store where Mouse saw and more importantly smelled an amazing sight.  A vast amount of Cheddar all maturing nicely, but begging to be eaten.
A really nice man saw how keen Mouse was on the Cheese store and decided to make his day.  He made mouse promise not to sink his teeth into any of the cheese, and also made him wash his feet really well, and then he took him into the cheese store.
Mouse thought he must be in heaven and wished he could move in and live in that room.  Of course that isn't allowed, but the nice man promised Mouse he could try as much cheese as he wanted in the shop.
Mouse thanked the man and made his way to the shop.  He wasn't disappointed and tried so many different types of cheddar he lost count.
Eventually Mouse decided on his favorite and made a purchase, along with a very interesting book.
Alas, Mouse's day out had come to an end and it was time to go back home.  He had spent a lovely day out and felt like a much more sophisticated Mouse now that he knew so much about his favorite food.

Once he arrived back home he couldn't wait to unwrap his purchases.
And there was even time for a light snack before bedtime.  What do you think he had?????

Mouse will recommend a visit to Cheddar Gorge to all his friends but if you would like to visit, have a look here

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Mouse Goes to Cadbury World

Mouse had such a busy time at Easter this year that he didn't have time to record any adventures so thought he would get his act together and leave the house.  However, chocolate was still very much on his mind so he decided to try and find out a bit more about this wonderful foodstuff that mice just adore.

So Mouse bought himself a ticket to Cadbury World, the famous chocolate factory in Birmingham.

As soon as he got out of the car Mouse was drawn by the smell of chocolate everywhere and he couldn't wait to get inside and find out all about it.  Of course, he was rather hoping for some free samples too !

The first thing that Mouse learned was that chocolate was discovered by the Aztecs who used to drink it.
Mouse did not know that chocolate used to be such a luxury item when it was first brought to England, in fact it was only available to very rich aristocrats who drank it in exclusive clubs.
After the history lesson, Mouse really wanted to learn how the chocolate he knows and loves today is made.  He really enjoyed seeing the people at work making delicious goodies.  The people who make the chocolate are called Chocolatiers.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "As much use as a chocolate teapot"? Well Mouse has and he certainly knows a very good use to put these to!
Mouse could have watched for a long time but he knew that there was more to see so he kept on going.  Imagine how thrilled he was when he had the chance to meet the sexiest rabbit in the world.  The gorgeous Caramel Bunny that has featured on so many TV adverts.  Mouse's best friend Peanut would be really disappointed that he didn't get to meet her.

Mouse will have to keep this picture away from his girlfriend Daisy or he will be in big trouble!
 Any good trip to a factory is finished off with a visit to the shop.  This shop happend to be the biggest Cadbury shop in the world!  There was so much to choose from, lots of the latest flavours and designs but Mouse just can't help sticking to the original and best Dairy Milk.
During his trip Mouse learned a lot about the Cadbury family and how many good things they had done for the people that they employed.

The factory was built in a rural setting to be outside of the busy and dirty city and the Cadbury family built an entire village to house their workers.  The village was called Bournville.
It is a very picturesque place and Mouse imagined that the people must have felt very privileged to have worked and lived in such a beautiful place.
Mouse thoroughly enjoyed his day out but unfortunately it was time to go home (it was going to take him a while to drag his huge haul of chocolate goodies back!).  He was very glad that he went to find out about this wonderful food and he will recommend to his friends that they should pay a visit.

If you would like to visit have a look here‎

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Mouse Meets Monty

A while ago Mouse heard about a man called Monty who serves the best hot sandwich in the whole of London, UK.  As you will know, Mouse likes his food so after doing a bit of research, he decided to take a trip to try out this sandwich for himself.

Mouse got up early and headed for the big city.  When he got there, he had to get on the famous London Underground which was really exciting for a little Mouse.
He got off the Tube at London Bridge as Monty's Deli is just a short walk from there.  When Mouse got up to street level he was very surprised to find that he was right at the bottom of a beautiful modern building called "The Shard", one of the tallest buildings in Europe.  It made Mouse feel very small indeed.
The journey had made mouse really hungry and so he didn't stop for too long.  He had heard that the sandwiches at Monty's Deli were so good that the queues could get really long.  After a bit more of a walk he finally found what he was looking for.
 Everything sounded so delicious that Mouse struggled to make a decision on what to have.  In the end he went for the "Reuben Special" which has a huge pile of Pastrami as well as Salt Beef.
It was fascinating for Mouse to see the people working hard to make everyone's sandwiches.
But what impressed Mouse the most was having his photo taken.  Not just any ordinary photo mind you, the sandwich was so big that he had his picture taken through the hot grill.
His sandwich was soon ready and Mouse couldn't wait to dive in and try it.
The only problem was knowing just how to tackle this monster.
It took a while but Mouse managed to polish off the sandwich and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

Feeling in need of a walk to work off his meal, Mouse decided to head off for a bit of sightseeing while he was in London.  First stop was Tower Bridge.
Then Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.
And finally, Buckingham Palace, but he didn't get to see the Queen, or even any of the Royal Mice that live in the palace.
It was getting late so Mouse had to head home again but he will be back again soon with another adventure.

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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmouse

Mouse likes to get into the Christmas spirit as much as anyone and so has spent this Christmas Eve the same as every year.......

First he puts on his Christmas jumper and decorates the tree, followed by the rest of his house.

Then he listens to Christmas songs whilst enjoying a nice glass of mulled wine in his favourite chair.

And finally he sits in front of the fire and reads the best Christmas story ever, The Night Before Christmas. 

This a very special version of the story though:-

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring…except for the mouse.
While the family was sleeping he regarded with glee
The brightly wrapped presents piled under the tree.
He supposed that he shouldn’t, but knew that he would…
Said, “Santa, I’m sorry. It’s too hard to be good.”
He ripped off the paper, he gnawed through a box,
He drank all the perfume; he ate all the socks.
He lapped up the liquors, he boozed up the beer
Then lay there contented and filled with good cheer.

He chewed through some wires and BANG! went the lights.
“My God,” said the mouse, “that gave me a fright.”
He scampered and hid in a hole in the sill
But nobody moved – the family slept still.
So he crept out and sipped at the wine and the sherry.
He tasted the Port and it made him feel merry.
Two glasses later and feeling quite lairy,
He climbed up the tree and toppled the fairy.
He leaped for a bauble, but teetered and missed.
“Oops!” said the mouse. “I think I’m a bit........ drunk.”
Covered in glitter he fell to the ground,
And stared in horror at the mess all around.
Tinsel and ribbons were strewn on the floor,
Mulled wine and whisky were splashed up the door,
The wrappings were shredded, the baubles were cracked,
The lights were still smoking, the ceiling was black.
Eyes wide he wondered, “Did I do all that?”
Then shrugged… “It’s no problem. They’ll just blame the cat.”